veronica credit card Veronica application was designed to be 100% compatible with high security demands of today. The software follows strict regulations on software used in banking environment PCI/SDP as well as general regulations for development of well secured software ITSEC and CommonCriteria.
Transaction data submitted by users are stored in data storage with AES data encryption. The data storage was designed to be fully compliant with PCI/SDP regulations.
Transmission of data over TPC/IP networks (nevertheless it is your LAN or worldwide over Internet) always uses encrypted SSL communication and users have to authorize by using SSL certificates. This assures you that you always know who is on the other end of communication channel and that no sensitive data can be sniffed by anybody when it travels over the networks. The data messages are using XML based protocol. A complete description of XML DTD is part of the Veronica technical documentation.
Special attention was paid to security aspects of Veronica software development. The application is throughfully tested after every minor software adjustment