veronica credit card The Veronica™ service can be seamlessly integrated with any operational transaction platform and can also be deployed in combination with various Card Management Applications. It also can be applied as a stand-alone system. Veronica™ can be customized per customer to the specific needs and risk profile of a customer business, optimizing fraud prevention while allowing for maximum transaction throughput.
Veronica can be integrated to your software with low level API. The API is based on XML messaging protocol. Your application will make calls to Veronica server and will submit Veronica XML requests to it, Veronica server will respond with XML responses containing results of the requests. A request can be an query to verify data, lookup query on transactions containing certain text string, a definition of what data and how should be tested inside a Veronica filter, or creation of a new Veronica user. In short any Veronica functionality can be managed with the API. Client part of software can be developed in any language that is capable to building and parsing XML messages and SSL communication. Netsafe can provide Python and language C client. Client API for different programming language can be developed on your request.
All data processed with Veronica™ service can be looked up using the secure web interface. All information regarding a specific transaction and its result can be retrieved online. A growing set of standard reports can also be examined in order to conduct analysis on general performance and look for possibilities to fine tune filters.